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Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

What is the source of your For Sale By Owner leads?

We scan and search newspapers, magazines, websites, and various other public sources FSBO postings. In fact, we consult with real estate professionals in each area to determine the best information sources so we can provide the best quality and maximum quantity of leads for the lowest price.

How current are the leads you provide?

Usually same day posted! Daily we scan and search all current 'For Sale By Owner' ads, 7 days a week. We know how important it is to you that the leads are 'fresh' and delivered quickly. FSBOLeadsUSA collects and delivers most ads the same day.

How often do you deliver the leads?

Monday-Sunday. We send most leads the same day they are posted!

Explain your free Prefix Finder(tm) service.

We know that the more information you have at your fingertips, the better. Many FSBO ads contain cell phone and unlisted numbers which retrieve NO RESULTS from a reverse directory search. This is why we created Prefix Finder(tm) which tells you the CITY SOURCE of the telephone prefix or prefixes in an ad. This can be especially helpful in situations when reverse directory searches retrieve no result, when the city is not listed in an ad, and when tracking non-occupant sellers for properties.

How accurate are your leads?

99.99% accurate. We obtain our leads from public sources and deliver them to you as they are advertised. We make little to no changes to the ads. If there are any inaccuracies it typically originates from the source, such as the property seller or newspaper. In the case of a 'wrong' phone number from a reverse directory search, again, the source of the error typically originates from 'old or inaccurate' data from the directory providers.

How do you screen out 'blind ads'?

The 'blind ad' is one that does not identify the broker or agent placing the ad. We use a system of tracking and eliminating most blind ads. However, because there is no way to determine the source of all blind ads, we cannot catch them all.

Does we do anything to help its customers understand which phone numbers are on the U.S. National Do Not Call Registry?

Yes. As a service to our customers, all phone numbers are compared against the U.S. "Do Not Call Registry" database. If a match is found, the phone number will be indicated as being a part of the Do Not Call Registry. For more information about the U.S. Do Not Call Registry see U.S. Do Not Call Registry.

What is the difference between FSBOLeadsUSA and competitors?

Our biggest 'competitor' are those people who continue to spend their valuable time looking/farming for leads rather than working leads and working intelligently. Compared to other national services, FSBOLeadsUSA specializes in delivering the highest quality FSBO leads. Usually you will receive 20%-40% MORE LEADS and get leads 1-3 days FASTER using our service!
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